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There are several relationships that affect the viscosity value of the high temperature viscometer

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The main application fields of high temperature viscometer include: optical glass, metallic glass, ceramics, metal, slag, protective slag, coal gasification, TFT glass substrate and other high-temperature melt viscosity measurement, which is formed by the continuous rotation of the rotor immersed in the measured liquid The torque is used to measure the viscosity value. The torque is proportional to the resistance formed by the rotor immersed in the sample by the viscous drag, and thus the viscosity. Its function is to start with the control signal of the console. The motor drives the hairspring to drive one end, and the other end is connected to the rotor. The rotor surface detects the shear force under the squeeze friction of the sample and pulls the spring spring to force the spring to twist. Torque calculates viscosity data.
Affects the viscosity value has several relations:
①Temperature affects molecular cohesion
②The amount of rotor stored in the sample
③Test speed of non-Newtonian fluid
④The verticality of viscometer installation
⑤Concentricity of connecting rotating rod parts
⑥Machining accuracy of rotor shape
Main features of high temperature viscometer:
Accurate measurement: the accuracy can reach less than 1%;
Fast measurement: adopt high-speed data acquisition module to complete the measurement within 30 s;
Wide temperature measurement range: -30 ~ 200 ℃ viscosity measurement can be achieved to obtain viscosity temperature curve;
Wide pressure measurement range: equipped with pressure control module, which can achieve viscosity measurement under different pressures and obtain viscous pressure curve;
Easy operation: Independently developed humanized data collection and analysis software, which can automatically collect, analyze and save data.
high temperature viscometer according to the nature of the sample to be tested, conditions of use, place of use, measurement and accuracy, the structure includes: viscosity detection system, temperature detection system, depth positioning system, signal acquisition integration system, software control analysis system, lifting drive system , Atmosphere control system, water cooling system, etc., there are eight major systems combined.
The high temperature viscometer can be programmed with software operation settings and real-time temperature, viscometer value display and can issue data reports and data charts. The main application areas include: optical glass, metal glass, ceramics, metal, coal slag, protective slag, coal gasification, The viscosity of high-temperature melts such as TFT glass substrates is measured by the torque formed by the continuous rotation of the rotor immersed in the test liquid. The torque is proportional to the resistance caused by the viscous drag of the rotor immersed in the sample, so it is also proportional to the viscosity. Proportionally. That is to measure the viscosity characteristics of the melt with the rotor under high temperature. This instrument should have the characteristics of temperature control and viscosity measurement.

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