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Digital viscometer is an intelligent liquid viscosity measuring instrument

Clicks:255 Release time:2020.06.08

The digital viscometer adopts a 16-bit microcomputer processor as the core stepping electric drive with high subdivision drive, LCD backlight display, with stable speed, good accuracy, program design, easy operation, error alarm and other functions. The screen directly displays the viscosity, Rotational speed, percentile torque, rotor number, and temperature of the liquid being measured.
Digital viscometer is an intelligent liquid viscosity measuring instrument. Under the control of computer, it can automatically complete the measurement of liquid viscosity, and the result is output by the display screen. This instrument uses MCS-51 series microcomputer to control the speed of stepper motor and the whole measurement process. This not only makes the speed of the instrument continuously adjustable, but also improves its accuracy. Therefore, this instrument has the characteristics of compact structure, stable operation, high measurement accuracy and good anti-interference performance. It can measure the viscosity resistance and absolute viscosity of the liquid. It is widely used to determine the viscosity of various fluids such as grease, paint, food, medicine, adhesives, cosmetics and so on.
Main features of digital viscometer:
 1. Large-screen backlit LCD display with Chinese display. Can clearly display the rotor number, speed, viscosity, torque percentage, sample temperature and other information;
 2. With automatic scanning function, it can automatically recommend the priority combination of rotor and speed to ensure the high accuracy of the test;
 3. Using accuracy calibration technology, the accuracy and linearity of each file are all measured and corrected by external computers with standard silicone oils of different viscosity. Ensure the high precision and accuracy of the instrument;
 5. With over-range alarm function;
 6. The temperature measuring probe can be selected to measure the temperature of the tested sample in real time. Temperature measurement range 0~100℃, temperature measurement accuracy 0.1℃;
 7. With RS232 (or optional USB2.0) interface, connect to the computer;
 8. Standard data processing software, real-time recording of viscosity changes with shear rate, time, temperature, which provides a good way to understand the viscosity characteristics of non-Newtonian liquids.
Digital viscometer is suitable for measuring the viscosity and rheological properties of various liquids and semi-fluids. Compared with similar instruments, this instrument has the characteristics of high measurement sensitivity, good anti-interference performance, wide operating voltage (110V-220V, 50HZ-60HZ are available), reliable test results, convenient operation and beautiful appearance. It is widely used to measure the viscosity of various liquids such as oil, paint, plastics, food, medicines, adhesives, etc. It is widely used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, light industry, textile and other scientific research. Digital viscometer is one of the most sophisticated instruments used in new product development and product quality control test analysis.

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