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PDV Series Portable Digital Viscometer|digital viscosity meter

Release time:2019.04.28

PDV Series Portable Digital Viscometer Technical Features, Applications, main specifications.

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Digital Viscometer also known as digital viscosity meter.the portable digital viscometer adopts unique SMD microcomputer control technology, high-quality ball suspension system, compact design and point-to-point compensation function to ensure fast and accurate measurement, good reproducibility, new user-friendly design, easy operation, compact and portable, safe and reliable. With calibration function, it can be applied to scientific research, measurement and sample testing, identification, widely used in scientific research, university laboratories and factory inspection departments. The portable digital viscometer is easy to operate, requires no complicated and cumbersome pre-measurement preparation, and is cost-effective and cost-effective. It is ideal for viscosity measurement and monitoring!

The portable digital viscometer is a one-handed, portable and innovative design that can be assembled in just 3 ONES steps. The sample volume is only 15ml, and the viscometer can be operated by battery or power adapter. It is simple and convenient to operate the instrument through a dial button. And disposable containers can be used instead of beakers, which greatly reduces the time for laboratory repeated cleaning of beakers and improves work efficiency.

Portable digital viscometers for viscosity measurement, evaluation, laboratory reporting and off-line applications. Viscometers are available in multiple versions to quickly measure dynamic viscosity based on common standards; rheological properties can also be measured for scientific research tasks involving further processing of liquid and viscosity data. Software and data evaluation capabilities: external interface for data transfer to a computer; or for remote control; included for high viscosity range. Viscosity is the property of a fluid against shear deformation. The size of the viscosity is expressed by viscosity, which is further divided into dynamic viscosity and kinematic viscosity.

The portable digital viscometer adopts a new user-friendly design and AC/DC power supply (lithium battery power supply for continuous measurement for 8 hours without charging). It is easy to operate and can be measured immediately after being inserted into the fluid; it can be used quickly and conveniently. Field, laboratory and factory assembly lines, on-site fluid viscosity measurement.

portable digital viscometer

PDV Series Portable Digital Viscometer Technical Features:

1. microcomputercontrol technique、user friendly interface;

2. brand new and humanized design、easy operation、accurate and fast measurement;

3. calibration of full scale ,every levellinearity;

4. new design, liquid crystal display, prevent slippery handle, overrange alarm;

5. display temperature ,viscosity ,rotate speed ,torsion in percentage, serial number of rotor and the maximum coscosity of seleted rotor in current speed on LCD;

6. unique structure design,insure useful life and measurement accuracy;

7. ac/dc power supply in two design, lithium batteries continuous measuring eight hours without charging;

8. portable packaging,suitable for fluid viscosity measurement in several condition like outdoor, laboratory , actory assembly line and the scene. 

PDV Series Portable Digital Viscometer Applications:

ink ,glue ,latex ,solvent adhesive ,polymer solution ,petroleum ,paint ,solvent ,cosmetic ,milk products ,pharmaceutical ,juice and so on

PDV Series Portable Digital Viscometer main specifications:





Measuring Range ( mPa.s)

25 - 150,000

50 - 300,000

200 - 1,200,000

Rotating Speed (r/m)

60 100 150 200

60 100 150 200

60 100 150 200

Number of Rotor

B1 B2 B3 B4
four kinds of rotors


±2.0% (full scale)




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