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NTV-E Series Intelligent Viscometer

Release time:2019.04.02

NTV-E Series Intelligent Viscometer optional Accessories: Thermostaticwater bath. Ultra-low viscosity adapter. Standard oils. Micro printer. External circulation glass beaker.

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NTV-E Series Intelligent Viscometer features:

1.7-inch touch screen:rich information, and easy to operate

2.Anti-static shell and metal lifter

3.Build-in temperature probe PT100

4.ARM chip processor: higher data processing speed

5.New designed durable small axles

6.Powerful human machine interface

7.Automatic switch between dynamic viscosityand kinematic viscosity

8.Varies viscosity units and easy to switch

9.Humanized operation interface

10.Accompaniedwith detailed operation instruction

11.Display continuous change of viscosity

12.Sound alarm when beyond measurement range

13.Linear correction in whole range by computer

14.Wide range power supply: 100V- 240V

Remarkable anti-interference

NTV-E Series Intelligent Viscometer optional Accessories:

Thermostaticwater bath; Ultra-low viscosity adapter;

Standard oils; Micro printer; External circulation glass beaker

NTV-E Series Intelligent Viscometer applications:

Printing ink, Mucilage, Emulsion, Adhesives(solvent base),

Polymer solutions, Petroleum, Paints and coatings, solvents, Cosmetics,

Milk and milk products, Medicine, Juice, etc.

NTV-E Series Intelligent Viscometer  Ranges (mPa.s) M: million








6 12 30 60

0.3 0.6 1.5 3

6 12 30 60


1 2 3 4,four spindles

Spindle 0 is optional accessory


±1.0% of range








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