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NTV-S Series Viscometer (touch screen)

Release time:2019.04.02

The viscometer (touch screen) incorporates touch screen technology to measure viscosity quickly, accurately and conveniently with a modern, high-tech technology.

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The viscometer (touch screen) incorporates touch screen technology to measure viscosity quickly, accurately and conveniently with a modern, high-tech technology. Powerful, far from the previous LCD viscometer comparable. Self-built 30 sets of test procedures help users quickly and accurately obtain sample viscosity and related data. The 5-inch color touch screen provides a comprehensive and visual display of various parameters and operating conditions. It has obvious advantages such as many measurement parameters, rich display content, convenient operation, intuitive reading, high measurement accuracy, stable rotation speed, strong anti-interference performance and wide working voltage. Can replace the same type of imported instruments. Viscometer (touch screen)s are widely used in a variety of fluids that require viscosity measurement, including paints, coatings, cosmetics, inks, pulp, food, oils, starches, solvent-based adhesives, latexes, biochemicals, and more.

Viscometer (touch screen) software function: computer and software can be used to realize automatic control machine data acquisition of the instrument, which can be used to analyze data, generate multi-layer graphics, print data lists, run mathematical models and some other time-saving and routine functions. It can draw and save up to 5 sets of comparative data, multi-user login, access level, digital signature and stored data containing password protection in accordance with FDA Federal Regulation 21 electronic signature requirements.

viscometer (touch screen)

Viscometer (touch screen) daily maintenance and maintenance methods:
   1. According to the use of equipment, regularly perform basic cleaning, which can remove dirt, reduce pressure loss, and ensure better filtration effect.
   2. During the cleaning process, pay attention to the air outlet of the instrument, and there should be no blockage. If there is a large amount of dirt, it must be removed and cleaned in an appropriate way.
   3. During each basic cleaning or maintenance, the power of the instrument should be disconnected to ensure the safety of the staff.
4. If a large number of oil sprays occur during use, this phenomenon is very incorrect. Everyone must close the exhaust valve of the instrument and close the related valves according to the prescribed method to dismantle the instrument for maintenance. Professional maintenance must be allowed. Personnel operation, otherwise it may cause more serious damage or other failure problems.

NTV-S Series Viscometer (touch screen) features:

1. 7 inch touch screen with rich information (easy to operate);

2. Anti-static shell and metal lifter;

3. Build-in RTD temp probe;

4. ARM chip processor for higher data processing speed;

5. New designed durable axle;

6. Powerful human-computer interactive interface;

7. Gigabit Ethernet port to ensure rapid and stable data transfer;

8. External storage supports: single point, continuous and timing data, three kinds of storage;

9. Correction factor of temperature and viscosity protection (password protection);

10. Variable speed support of viscosity measurement; 

11. Auto switch between dynamic viscosity and kinematic viscosity;

12. Variety of viscosity units;

13. different operation interface style;

14. Detailed operation guide;

15. Continuous viscosity value displayed; 

16. Sound alarm when beyond measurement range;

17. Linear calibration by computer;

18. Wide range power supply: 100V-240V, powerful anti-interference.

NTV-S Series Viscometer (touch screen) optional Accessories:

SNB software (for data collecting and painting);

Thermostatic water bath (for viscosity measurement) ;

Ultra low viscosity adapter;

Small sample adapter;

Standard oil;

Micro printer;

External circulatory glass beaker.

NTV-S Series Viscometer (touch screen) application:

print ink, glue, latex, adhesives (solvent base),

polymer solutions, oil, painting and coating,

solvents, cosmetics, dairy products,

pharmaceuticals, juice etc.

NTV-S Series Viscometer (touch screen) Parameters:                                                                                                                                    1M: 1 million






Range mPa.s




R 100-13M

HA: 200-26M

HB: 800-104M

1-6M 4-80M







Manual operation

Manual operation,

Intelligent touch


No.1 2 3 4 (No. 0 is optional)

R, HA, HB Series: No. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7(No. 0, 1 is optional)


±1.0%(of full range)












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